OmeProductions, LLC.


OmeProductions LLC.

OmeProductions, LLC, is a multi-media production company. Its businesses include screenplays; film, television and web-based production and distribution; and record label – each representing a separate division. OmeProductions expresses contemporary stories of marginalized and other underrepresented groups through media arts. The Company’s philosophy is art should represent life in its truest form – we strive to preserve our goal of “Making Movies that Matter!” The company has two feature films Finding Me: Identity and Finding Me: Truth. The company is also wrapping it’s Season 2 of Finding Me the Series.

For more information about their services contact:

Roger S. Omeus at

Services Provided: Producer, Production Manager.


Finding Me, Finding Me: Truth (Feature films)

Finding Me the Series (Web series)

Status: Complete. 

2009, 2010,2011