SERVICES: PR Communications, market research, media/promotions, business administration.

Artist Ron E.A. Powell’s parents gave him his four-letter initials ‘REAP’ as a reminder “to reap what you sow.” In Jamaica, his parents were of farmers deeply in touch with the cycles of life, and today, he strives to explore in his art a similar holistic balance.

Powell mixes a variety of textures, techniques, and styles in his haunting yet strangely tranquil paintings. The sensuous faces of his subjects are often framed by painterly brushwork and expressionist flourishes, but whatever amalgam of techniques he uses, Ron’s concern is always the emotional impact of his portraits. At times pensive, contemplative or unabashedly fervent, Ron’s subjects reveal themselves to us while remaining enigmatic.

To learn more about REAP13 ART visit the site below:

On Facebook: reap13art


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